“The King of Siam

About Us & The Story

Soaring Heart Pictures Inc. is an award winning Production Company that focuses on unique and artistic projects that brings an emotional element to each film.

"The King of Siam" is a look at a father and son’s desperate attempt at having a “father and son” relationship. One day during lunch William decides to take his 16 year old son Gary to the horse track for a little father and son bonding. While riding the public transit to the track William assures his son that he’ll teach him the finer points of picking winners. Once they arrive at the track, William leads his son through the betting area, pass the race track, down a flight of concrete steps and into the track bar - where he immediately orders a tray of draught beer for himself and his underage son. After swallowing the entire contents of several beers, William opens up his racing form and tries to explain to Gary how to read the stats. From that point, the day doesn’t turn out the way Gary had hoped. A day at the races becomes a race of emotions. With William in a drunken state, this father and son bonding experience ends in Gary having to carry his father home.


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